About The Author of SASsy Sewing

Hello worldwide web, hello readers, hello lost surfers & hello to all others. My name is Laura D’Angelico and I am the author of SASsy Sewing a blog by SAS Fabrics Superstore of Phoenix, AZ. I am totally new to this blog thing, the social e-world AND the fabric industry so keep that in mind as you read on.

My career background is in architectural design and drafting. Now I am changing my hat  to ‘social network & marketing representative’. With this exciting new opportunity as a Social Network & Marketing Representative I am representing SAS Fabrics Superstore of Phoenix, AZ. 85021. Visit us on Facebook  –  http://facebook.com/sasfabricssuperstore

Since my new employment is quite different from what I have been doing my entire working life I have been doing quite a bit of reading and learning to prepare myself for the new challenges. In doing so I have learned what a blog is and why SAS would want me to write one. Okay truth is, what I learned is what a blog is and why a company would want to have one. I really do not understand why they would want me to be the author, but who am I to question the one who signs my paycheck???

I pondered that WHY? for a while……….As it turns out they probably do know what they are doing. I say this because I have been spending every available minute I can learning something. Be it social media, social networking, website editing, Facebook, sewing, upholstering, types of fabrics, or dealing with excessive heat (just kidding about the last one but could not resist listing it) I have Googled it, read about it, tried it, wondered or worried about it or otherwise investigated it a bit. Now, I can see how that may be better than hiring an expert who just knows everything.

Now you know a bit about who I am and where I came from. Read my first blog for an introduction to   SASsy Sewing and learn more about what it has to offer to you as a reader. I hope you will follow my blog and interact with comments, questions and/or interesting links. I look forward to interacting with my readers and learning from one another.

Before I go let me introduce SASSY ‘the Rhinestone Cow’. SASSY is our store mascot and she is there to greet our customers as they walk into our store. She does not speak she simply greets with her presence.

SASSY ‘the Rhinestone Cow’

Take care, hope to see or hear from you soon.

Laura : )

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