Some Basics about Sewing & Fabrics

By: Laura D’Angelico    Blog 2    August 29, 2012


Since I started this job I have learned so much. Some things I now know include:

* there are ONLY three Fabric Groups.

1. Woven

2. Knitted

3. Non-grain

* A burn test is often used by professionals to try to determine the type of fabric when not labeled. Please, do not try this in our store.

To sum it up:

– Synthetic fabric blends will smell toxic and often melt as opposed to burn up.

– Fabrics made from natural materials will put off more natural scents when burned.

– Natural fabrics will burn not melt.

* What a weft and warp are in woven fabrics. And what the expression “weave weft to right” is all about.

* What a bolt of fabric is.

* What fold-over elastic is.

* What “Nightmare Before Christmas” fabric may look like.

* there are some fabrics that must be hung for at least a week before you try to hem it or you will have less than desirable results.

* Satin is not a type of fabric – it is a type of weave that creates

the satin look and feel that most of us know as satin. I think of it as being the same concept as satin paint, it is not a kind of paint but   the sheen of it.

AND so much more. The above only touches on the fabrics area of my job because my blog is about fabrics, upholstery, sewing notions, drapery and sewing projects not social media or marketing. So even though I have learned quite a bit about social media and marketing I will not bore you with those topics.

Take care, SAS-e-People hope to see or hear from you soon.

Laura : )




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