How to Make a Palm Tree out of an Umbrella

By: Laura D’Angelico  Blog 3


umbrella palm tree

Umbrella Palm Tree by SASsy Sewing

Today I am going to show you how easy it is to turn an old umbrella into a palm tree. This is a no sew project. These are a great inexpensive way to decorate for a luau or other tropical scene and of course they are “So SASsy”. They are also easy to store for your next event. As with most of my projects you can take it as far as you want or keep it simple. My tutorials usually keep it simple but you crafty individuals will know how to take it to the next level. Feel free to add a comment and describe how you took it to the next level.

First you will need an umbrella (preferably a green umbrella) that you do not need as an umbrella anymore and a pair of scissors.  Next, open the umbrella. Before you start to cut look at a palm tree leaf (the long queen palm type not the fan palm type) notice its shape. Healthy palm fronds have rounded tips. Use a good sharp pair of scissors and cut a curved pie shape piece out between each rib (the structural outrigger that holds the fabric up) the fabric remaining on the umbrella will be your palm fronds. Cut the remaining fabric into strips that will represent the leaves of a palm frond. That is basically it but to make it look better you will want to come up with a way to keep the umbrella at 3/4 open. Try using tape or wire to hold it in place.

To create the trunk I used an empty cardboard fabric tube (that fabric came on I got it from SAS Fabrics Superstore. I inserted the umbrella palm in the top and held it up with my outdoor umbrella stand. About a week later I saw bamboo in my friend’s yard and immediately I knew I needed some for my trees. So, I replaced the cardboard with bamboo and made one more tree this one I held up with my christmas tree stand. Just be creative and try to reuse materials that may otherwise be sent to a landfill. Think Green. I do not recommend sitting on a hammock held up by these fake trees unless you are looking to get a bruised bottom.

palms and hammock

tropical scene decor by SASsy Sewing

Did you know: If you have one of those Queen Palm trees, like in the background of the photo above, and you want to eliminate the flowering pods before they open and make a mess but are not sure if the pod is a new leaf or not the way to tell is the new leaves always come from the center (heart) of the tree. The flowering seed pods do not.

Take care, hope to see or hear from you soon.

Laura : )

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