Getting Organized at SAS Fabrics Superstore

By: Laura D’Angelico Blog 4 September 17, 2012

Busy, busy, busy – the staff at SAS have been very busy. When you come in please, be patient and understanding as we are moving things around, adding new and improved display racks and getting more organized. Actually, I have very little to do with all the great work they have been doing. All the credit for the improvements goes to the hard working and dedicated store personnel. You guys are doing a GREAT JOB! Be sure to let them know if you like the changes they are making.

Along with all the improvements they have also been gearing up for Halloween. They have been making costumes to display as ideas for our customers. Brought in new merchandise that can be used to make costumes, and even cutting fabric as needed to make the great skirts that can be used as a costume not only at Halloween but as a really cute dance outfit or even everyday attire. They even hand made some patterns and/or written directions you can follow to make your costumes. The skirts are a must see – really, really cute.

We like to see your ideas too. Please, share your ideas with our community either on Facebook or post ’em on our Community Center board in the store.

Most recently I have been preparing a “community center” for SAS Fabrics Superstore. It is a small portion of the store near the entrance where there is a bulletin board for customers, organizers of events, teachers of crafty skills like sewing or reupholstering, and creators of crafts to let others know about who they are and what they have to offer. It will be sectioned off into these categories:

Business Cards



& Wanted (this is where someone would post “looking for a…. it must be related to sewing, crafting, designing interiors, etc.)

There is also a second board where our crafters can post images of items for sale that they make from materials bought at SAS or images of items like the ones they can make custom for you such as dresses.

Please, come on in to SAS Fabrics Superstore @ 9840 N 19th Ave in Phoenix and visit and contribute to our SAS Community Center bulletin boards. We welcome everybody to share their information.

I welcome your input and ideas.

Take care, hope to see or hear from you soon.

Laura : )

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