New Fashion Technology coming to Phoenix

Photo from Virtual Fashion Technology

Hi I’m Sharon Farnsworth founder and CEO of Project Black Dress LLC and The Little Black Dress LLC. I am absolutely fanatic about style and completely in love with custom clothes. As such, I own two companies dedicated to doing just that. Project Black Dress currently serves valley wide based out of Mesa and The Little Black Dress you can expect to see in 2013.

Project Black Dress exists to create custom dresses and gifts in the most flattering of designs. And when I say custom design I do mean absolutely custom, there are no patterns, we work with you and your measurements to create something special for you by hand! We also happen to believe that well fitted dresses should be available to everyone, to every budget, and sometimes just for everyday. So if you have an idea and a budget in mind that’s perfect, it all starts with you! Stop shopping and start creating!

The Little Black Dress storefront concept (patent pending) will take you to the next level beginning in 2013! Where you will no longer take mass produced clothing (that doesn’t fit anyone anyway) into the dressing room, rather inside our dressing rooms you would be scanned with body scanning technology!

From the data collected from your body scan, a 3D representation of you will be created and you will be able to sit at a computer interface to enter a Virtual Dressing Room. With this representation of yourself the consultant and you will be able to drag and drop either entire dresses or dress pieces. You will also be able to make adjustments to those pieces once they are on your representation for lower or higher hemline, neckline, waist, or a number of other things that will allow the dress to look perfect on your shape and proportions. The consultant is available to offer extensive advice to every level of customer creativity.

Once you are happy with the dress, we will create that very dress for you! Right here locally in town and with tons of love (of course) and just as quickly as we are able!

With that I hope that I have shared enough about myself and my passions to keep you interested in the time tested tips and hints that I use everyday in creating style and fashion!

Sharon’s tips and hints will be coming soon to the SASsy Sewing blog only on SAS Fabrics Superstore’s website. Please come back soon.

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