New Fashion Technology Coming to Phoenix – PART 2 of 3

Tips for Fabric and Pattern Selection for Apparel That You Will Actually Wear

Has it ever happened that you find exactly the clothing piece that you want to make, but somehow when it is all said and done it is nothing like you thought it would be? And what’s worse is that you’ve wasted your time, money and energy on something that you won’t ever wear outside of the house? Well I think that we have all been there, but armed with some basic strategies we can all turn that situation around.

When thinking about clothing versus something like crafting there are additional considerations. Seasons, fabrics, trends, and of course the body that will be wearing it. So let’s dig in and tackle some of these topics so that your next trip into SAS Fabric Superstore is a productive and fashionable one!

We will start with seasons, now we are lucky here in our sunshine state of Arizona not to have to consider the seasons’ changing as much as they do in other states. We have much more flexibility around fabric weight (thickness and warmth) and also with colors. An easy way to keep current with what fashion season we are in currently is to “stop and smell the roses”, no literally! I mean take a look at what nature is doing? Is nature giving us long bright sunshiny days? Well then, let’s make things that mimic that by selecting bright colors and light airy fabrics. Alternately, is nature beginning to loose its summer “pop” and fading out into earlier sunsets and crisp mornings?  Well then let’s make things with rich, contrasted, or cuddly tones and fabrics. And as you master this, you will begin to plan ahead so that you have your next season in the works before this one’s end! The great thing about SAS Fabric Superstore is the vast selection, you can purchase any season all year round.

Fall and Winter Cuddly 

Summer Season Fabulous!

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