New Fashion Technology Coming to Phoenix – PART 3 of 3

Fabrics! We touched on it a little bit in seasons but there is a weight to fabrics and this is critical when selecting fabrics that are going to go onto your body! We always want to flatter our natural beauty! We are going to help you remember fabric weights simply by Hold and Hang. You have to feel the fabric and while it’s in your hands, think “will this Hold me in or does it feel like it should Hang or flow off of me?” Fabrics should generally do one or the other, and that is your indicator for what to make out of it. Hold fabrics you will want to use to make apparel items that are form fitting, that you want to hug your body and give a little bit of Hold! Now Hang? These fabrics are great for those apparel items that are not form fitting but that are able to flow freely. Now these can (and really should) be used together in creating a completed look, some examples would be; a flowing skirt and a fitted top (Hang and Hold), a loose fitted dress with a belt (Hang and Hold), a tunic top and leggings (Hang and Hold). When you are shopping at SAS Fabric Superstore and easy way to remind yourself the difference between Hold and Hang fabrics is to practice when you first arrive. Feel the fabric called Suiting, this is a Hold fabric; and then feel Satin, this is a Hang fabric.


Hang & Hold fabrics


Netting and sheer fabric is a Hang, while denim is a Hold fabric


Let’s talk about fashion trends! Forget all the other dizzying details in the magazines and think Simple Silhouette. What is the silhouette and how frequently does it change? Silhouette is just the shape outline of what is currently “in”, and it changes about once every year and a half. We are going to make this Simple by paying attention only to those items that you really notice about the silhouette; and those are waistline, hemline and proportion. When you look around and see those people who catch your attention because of their style go through those three items to establish the Simple Silhouette;

  1. Is the waistline of the clothing at, above, or below the natural waist (bellybutton)?


  1. Is the hem (ends) of the shirts, coats, skirts, pants short or long on the body (crop tops, mini skirts, capris versus pants that hit the floor and shirts or jackets that hang over the hips)?


  1. Is the proportion accenting the shoulder, hip, or the ankle of the silhouette (dramatic examples include shoulder pads accent the shoulders, pleated pants widen the waist, and bell bottoms take focus to the floor)?


After you establish these three items, which are probably the trickiest of all of these tips, you can utilize the others tips to create a truly trendy wardrobe!


I saved the best for last, let’s talk body! Nope! Turn around and let’s talk about who we are today and what we love about our bodies! Let’s spend zero time labeling ourselves with what array of fruit shaped body types (beanpole, pear-shaped, etc!) that they would like us to fit into and focus on that one thing that you LOVE about your body! Take a minute and find it… got it? GOOD!! Make clothes that showcase that part of you. Start your garment with considering how to show off what you LOVE about yourself and build your outfit around showcasing that very part. Now, I don’t use patterns. I design individually based on this very theory of building outward from your best feature; but if you do utilize patterns (and most do!) seek those patterns which are fitted to your favorite body part. When you get that pattern home be open to fitting that portion of the pattern to your body first and know that this may mean re-working or modifying the rest of the pattern as you go. Now re-working garments can lead us back to having a disaster on our hands after many hours or work. Please, take this tip! When you’ve gotten your pattern, and you’ve gotten your fabric picked out also purchase some fabric called muslin while you are there. SAS Fabric Superstore has a ton of it and it’s a cheap way to pre-make your garment out of a “practice fabric” that will allow you to tweak the pattern as you go. Once you have the garment perfected out of the muslin fabric then you know exactly how to do it again in the apparel fabric!


Go with what you love!

Love your waistline? Show it off!      Love your legs? Show them off!


I hope these steps help you to navigate the endless possibilities of shopping at SAS Fabric Superstore for not only crafts but also for apparel fabrics! And I can’t wait to see the pictures of the items you’ve created armed with these tips!! But even with these tips I encourage you to be true to yourself, and find those fabrics and fashions that inspire you to create first and foremost. The suggestions made here were merely meant to guide you and should not serve as a replacement for the inner fashionista that you may have tucked away! Happy sewing!

Project Black Dress website

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