Create a 2012 Memories No-Peek Calendar


Holiday No-peek Memories Calendars 

In my attempt to get the Holidays back to being about family, friends, memories and all that stuff that warms our hearts and best of all does not drain the bank account I came up with this idea. This is a project that involves every member of the family. It is a memory calendar.

What we will be doing is gathering pictures from this year only. Each family member will go through their phones, cameras, photo albums, facebook images, etc and pick out up to 30 pictures from the year 2012.  The pictures will represent each person’s memories of 2012. We will actually need as many as 31 pictures for each memory calendar but we can add pictures that will be taken during this Holiday season through 12-31-2012.  What we will be making is a no-peek daily family memory calendar.  Each person can do a personal calendar as well as participate in the family calendar.

What you will need:

  • 2 large pieces of fabric about 12 inches by 24 inches
  • light duty velcro
  • felt in a variety of colors (you can buy small +/- 8″x10″ pieces at SAS)
  • glue
  • embellishments; such as glitter, scrap booking do-dads, fabric paint, etc
  • Pieces of paper cut to the size and shape you want to use for each individual photo. These may end up being adjusted individually to achieve the desired result
  • prints of selected images (you may want to hold on printing until you decide what size you need of each.)
  • scissors
  • and of course a little creativity

Start by laying out the pieces of paper in a creative manner. Avoid using the standard 7 day week layout because each year the first will fall on a different day of the week. I like the idea of laying out the images so they read 2012 but stacked vertically like this:

layout idea

Adjust the sizes and placement until you come up with something you like. Remember you do not want it to become too large because ideally you will repeat this project year after year and eventually end up with a hallway lined up with years of memories to reflect upon. Each day of December you wake up and open the felt door for that day and reveal a picture that hopefully brings back fond memories of years past. I think it is OK to include a few of the not so great memories of major events.

Then cut out the holes where the pictures will be. Print the images to the sizes needed for your layout and glue them to the base piece of fabric. Once you have the layout all worked out and pictures glued down trace the layout onto the piece of fabric that is to be the calendar. Be sure it is correct then cut out the windows for the pictures. You may want to leave room for the last couple of pictures but not cut opening yet so you can use pictures from the last few days of this year. One option is to cut only 3 of the four sides so the fourth side is the hinge and not use the colored felt pieces for the doors. Another option is to use little pieces of colored felt or whatever to cover the pictures one by one. My intention is to give you the basic concept I want you to make it  yours by making it  and decorating it however you wish.  Glue the piece with the pictures on it to the back of the piece with the holes cut out.

The velcro will be used to hold the doors closed until the day it is to be opened. Remember do not peek it will take away the fun of anticipation. Place a small piece of velcro to hold the door closed as well as a piece to hold it open.

Decorate the calendar however you wish. You can add captions to the pictures before you print them if you wish (this may be helpful years from now when you are not sure who that is with your son).

I hope I described this craft idea well enough for you to understand it and inspiring enough to make you want to start this calendar making a holiday tradition.

One last thing I want to share is another tradition I started with my family a few years back.  Each year on Christmas day sometime after opening gifts each member of the family writes a page or so that reflects upon what they are thankful for it usually includes a list of the gifts they received and which was their favorite. Then the pieces of paper are put into a small box with the papers from previous years. One box per person.  Then the box is wrapped and labeled with the persons name and put in the attic with the holiday decorations. You would be surprised quite often the kids want to open that box first. Oh yeah, we usually throw in a small gift for ourselves as well like a photo or small toy. It is fun trying to remember what you wrote or included in the box the year before; it is even funner when you actually see and read what was included in the box last year. Each box is opened one at a time and the note from the previous year is read aloud for everyone to hear.

Happy Holidays everyone. Remember the best gift of all is LOVE it is treasured by all and everyone can afford to give it.

Love, Laura  : )

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