Another Easy & Affordable Christmas Craft idea

Here is another affordable way to spend time with the kids, friends, family, students, or whomever and hopefully create wonderful memories as well as great crafts. Actually, I do not consider these creations “great” these are more fun than fancy. I know others can make much better looking items than the ones I made. In fact I encourage you to share what you make with me and the other readers. I love to see how people take what they learn here and perfect it. I almost did not publish this craft idea because I thought people would think it was too cheesy. But when my teenager son and his friends saw them they actually said they were cool so I figured if teenagers think they are cool they must be cool. So here you are.

Glitter & Glue tree      Glitter & Glue decorations
Glitter & Glue tree

There is plenty of room for perfection with this craft idea. I decided to share it because it is so easy and I think they are kind of cool plus as I mentioned they were approved by one of the toughest groups ever – the teenagers.


What you will need.

1. A glue gun (available at SAS)

2. Glitter (available at SAS)

3. Plastic gems (available at SAS)

4. Creativity

Please, do not let children do this craft without direct supervision as the glue guns get extremely hot as does the glue that comes out. Both can cause serious burns.

All you do for this craft is sprinkle glitter onto a smooth, non-burnable surface (such as a piece of non-stick foil or even a sidewalk). Next place a plastic gem face down in the middle of your glitter. And finish by applying the hot glue over the gem and glitter in any shape you wish. You can use more gems if you desire, or maybe even other small objects. Be creative and once you are done and the glue is cooled (about 10 minutes) simply peel the glue off of the surface turn it over and take a picture to post here so we can see what you made.  : )


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