What Can You Do with Scraps of Leather

Leather is such a nice material. It is strong, luxurious, durable, and so versatile. Leather comes in many colors and textures. Leather can range from very stiff and hard to very pliable and soft. It is used to make all kinds of things from key rings, belts, purses & shoes to sofas, saddles and gloves to name just a few. So as you can see using leather scraps will not be hard to do. At SAS Fabrics Superstore on North 19th Ave in Phoenix, AZ you can buy a large bag of leather scraps for less than $3.00.

I will start by picking up one of those bags of scraps at SAS Fabrics Superstore  if you ever find yourself in Phoenix this store is worth a visit – great bargains and huge selection. In fact SAS is often times the reason for a trip to Phoenix. for some of our more distant customers.

Okay, now that I have my bag of scraps I will take a look at what I have. To do this I pour all the scraps out on the floor.

Contents from a bag of leather scraps from SAS

Contents from a bag of leather scraps from SAS

Check out the various sizes, colors and textures I have available for my project. I should be able to create something cool with this selection. In fact there is enough to create a few nice things.

For my first project I will try to make a handbag or purse whatever you like to call it. Using a pencil and paper I sketched up a few different designs. A couple of floral designs and a few abstracts. I decided that I liked the floral layout best so I proceeded to cut the leather into shapes needed to create my floral design.

Next, I grab a piece of scrap fabric to glue the leather pieces to. After a few trial & error attempts I came to the conclusion that the best base fabric for this project is some suede I had on hand from an old skirt that never fit right. Using Eco-Flo Leathercraft Cement that I picked up at Hobby Lobby to glue the leather to the suede. I tried using a few other adhesives but none worked as well as the Leathercraft Cement.

I start making my purse by sewing some satin to be a liner. Then I sew the satin liner and the suede outer shell base fabric together to form the purse. Now I am ready to glue my leather shapes onto the suede. I glue the pieces on one at a time in a floral design. I try to use the colors and textures in a way that is appealing and has nice contrast.

I even added some plastic gems and glitter that I picked up at SAS Fabrics Superstore. The glitter may not have been such a great idea but without the convenience of control z, undo, or delete the glitter remains. Here is what I came up with.

A close up of the purse

A close up of the purse

Now, I encourage you to give it a try and PLEASE post images of your creations for us to see.  I look forward to seeing what others can create with a bag of leather scraps from SAS Fabrics Superstore.

Take care & happy crafting!

Laura : )



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