Button Bouquet

A Floral Centerpiece Bouquet made of Buttons

By Laura D’Angelico

Have you ever been asked to do something that made you think to yourself, or even say aloud, “You want me to do WHAT!?” Well, that is exactly what went through my mind when the owner of SAS Fabrics Superstore asked me to make floral centerpieces using buttons. I thought how could a button bouquet even be centerpiece worthy?

So, I kind of ignored the request for a few months. I made button elf dolls, a button heart doll and planned on making button dolls for Easter & St. Patricks Day as examples of how customers could use buttons in non traditional ways. Then one day in February out of nowhere came the courage to take on this Button Bouquet challenge.

So, while at SAS Fabrics Superstore I picked up a gross of buttons in various sizes, colors, textures and types. I brought them home to my crafting room and started to make button bouquets. My first attempt was kind of a failure. I was using too many buttons and making the stems too long with buttons all the way to the base. These stems were unable to support themselves and simply flopped over.

At this point I decided to take another look at the sample pictures she had given me months ago. Here are some of those pictures.

Original Button Bouquet by Liz

Original Button Bouquet by Liz

More button bouquets by Liz

More button bouquets by Liz

I noticed the bouquets, made by her daughter-in-law, used only a few buttons at the top of the stem to form a bloom. Being the person I am I simply glanced at the pictures then did it my own way. My husband likes to refer to my behavior as stubborn. In my defense, I just prefer to see what I can come up with without being a total copycat. I like my crafts to be a little different.

One of the biggest differences between her bouquets & mine is that I cheated a little by incorporating flowers that are also available at SAS Fabrics Superstore.  And I even used larger buttons as bases for my little 2 stem bouquets.

Here are some pictures of my Button Bouquets. I hope if you decide to take on this challenge that you post pictures of your bouquets for us to see.

Another by me.

Another by me.

Button bouquet by me Laura Leigh

Button bouquet by me Laura Leigh


And the last by me.

And the last by me.

Take care & happy Crafting : ).



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