SAS as seen by other bloggers

I have not written a blog in quite some time and I apologize for that.  As I was browsing around trying to find some great inspiration for my next blog I found that people are writing blogs and including great stories about our store in their blog. So I thought ‘hey why try to create a good blog story when I can simply share the stories I have found with those who follow my blog’.

So here is one of the stories:

This comes from Hildashideout from

Good thing I don’t live closer…
I always think of Phoenix as a Goodwill shopping mecca!  There are lots of stores, and every other Saturday everything is 50% off in order to deal with their unending supply!

Well, I have now found THE store for fabric shopping…SAS Fabrics Superstore.  Between the store in Tucson, which was not as nice as the one I went to Phoenix, and the Phoenix store, I came home with a lot of fabric, nearly 40 yards for an average of $3.98/yd.  A few yards of fabric from the Tucson store were priced at $9.99/yd., which raised the average.  Most of what I bought at the Phoenix store was $2.99/yd.  It really is a super store!

I cannot pass up a bargain.  My stash needs rearranging to accommodate the new acquisitions.  Lots of yummy fabric.

I found this awesome, hand-dyed rayon ribbon at the Goodwill store.  I just have no idea what to use it for besides embellishments.

I have three skeins, so surely enough to make something with it.

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