April Showers and May Flowers

It is springtime, my favorite time of the year. Temperatures are perfect, the sun is shining, the flowers blooming, the birds & bees are busy doing their things.  And there are  brides preparing for their big day. There are showers filling the air. Not necessarily rain showers but baby and bridal showers. All of these happenings require decorating and planning to ensure a lifelong treasured memory.

0 spring flower

That is why this spring SAS Fabrics Superstore is blooming with colorful (even neon), lace fabrics, gorgeous bridal fabrics, party favors, ribbons, butterfly wings, new flowers and other great things. The party favors racks are blooming a bountiful selection of the cutest favors for babies, brides, Quinceañeras and other celebrations  From super-sized baby bottles filled with smaller bottles, & itty bitty porcelain babies to tiaras & bridal veils. You can have the most beautiful celebration of your life and at a fraction of the cost if you make SAS your supply headquarters. The trick is to start at SAS to save big bucks then if needed resort to those overpriced retailers. You will be glad you did.

With spring there’s always that certain something in the air that makes many of us want to clean. This phenomenon of wanting to clean leads to a seasonal event (if you will) called spring cleaning. I am always torn between this spring cleaning virus and the other annual bug in the air known as spring fever. The fever is pulling me to the outdoors while the cleaning bug tends to keep me indoors. The battle between the two is one I cannot seem to avoid. Fortunately I always find time to treat both conditions.
0 box 1                              0 box 2

This year I decided that the shoeboxes I have been using to keep things organized and tidy needed to be reinforced  as well as needing a face-lift so to speak. So, of course I thought well I could go to the store and pick up some of those fancy shoeboxes they sell at the stores. But fortunately, I was looking at the shoebox that holds some of my fabric scraps I keep because I keep everything. I looked at the scraps and thought why not put some of these to good use. I decided to cover and line my existing shoeboxes with the fabric scraps. The result is actually superior to those fancy boxes they sell at the store and I already had everything I need to get it done. You may have noticed how I turned that spring cleaning bug into a more of a spring crafting bug. That is just how I roll.  : )

If you would like to do this with your boxes it is pretty simple. Just make sure you cut the fabric to fit snuggly on and in the box and use a good strong glue to firmly attach the fabric to the box. Make sure the edges and corners of the fabric are glued tight so nothing can catch on it and pull it away from the c. cardboard. You can even make your boxes extra beautiful if you wish by adding bling, flowers, appliques and even nice labels.

Happy Spring! Happy Crafting! and good luck getting the spring cleaning done.

Laura : )

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