Great Fabric for the Creative Mind

paint on fabric

If you have a child that loves to express herself by coloring on the walls, tables and linens maybe it is best not to fight it. Instead create an environment for them that encourages their creativity. There are numerous products available these days that are designed to make both the child and the parent happy. Products like washable markers, washable paints, vinyl stickers without adhesive, and similar products allow children to be children without ruining furniture, carpets, automobiles and pets.

Currently at SAS Fabrics Superstore we have some fabric that would work great for creating bedspreads, curtains, upholstery and/or pillows. This particular fabric is great for the creative child because it is much like a coloring book page. The design on the fabric looks like a connect the dots outline of a floral print. All you have to do is use this fabric to make or cover objects that your child can color on as he/she wishes. If you want to be able to wash the slate clean from time to time then use washable crayons, paints or pens. If you would rather color it once and have the color remain through washing then use fabric paints. Be sure to protect items you do not want colored.

This fabric is an excellent choice for almost any home decor project. It is lightweight enough to be used to make a bedspread, curtains, pillows yet it is durable enough to be used as upholstery for an accent chair. It could even be used to make apparel such as a skirt or jacket. Would even make great tote bags.

My first impression of this fabric was “it is OK, nothing spectacular.” I could see how it could be a valuable part of a very attractive decor but I was not ‘in love’ with it.  Not until I looked at it and realized it could be a perfect solution for that impossible to find coordinating fabric to go with whatever it is you are trying to coordinate with. Simply paint the colors you want onto the fabric and wash before you make or finish the item. You may want to use fabric protector for items you paint. The protector will help shield the fabric from getting stained. Do not use a fabric protector if you wish to wash the colors out to ‘clean the slate’.

Happy Crafting!

Take care.   :


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