Button Wall Sconce


Buttons, buttons, buttons.

Buttons, buttons, buttons.

I was browsing through images on Pinterest just checking out what others are creating. I enjoy seeing the bazaar, the beautiful, the funky and even some of the normal creations found on Pinterest.  Today, it was items made using buttons that captured my interest and inspired me to see what else I could do with the everyday button. I am sure it helped that I happen to have an abundance of buttons in my craft supplies inventory.

I saw button bouquets (if you follow my blog you know I already did those), button apparel (not very practical), some not very interesting items, a cool lamp shade, a few button wall art pieces, and the one that won me over …….. a shallow bowl made of buttons. The bowl was translucent and most importantly (to me anyway) it was something I had never seen before. Now, I felt inspired.

Being inspired and eager to get going, I ran up to SAS Fabrics Superstore and began picking out the buttons I wanted to use for my project. I also rounded up a packing pillow (to use as a form), and glue. Next, I got started gluing my buttons to each other in a single layer on the packing pillow. Easy, easy project but there is much down time waiting for the glue to dry. It gets messy if you try to do too many buttons in one session. Also, they begin to slide around if you try to do too large of an area at one time. In this photo you can see the buttons in the upper right hand corner are sliding away from each other. This was because I tried to do too large of an area at one time.


Buttons being glued together on a packing pillow to form the shape.

So after a few sessions of 5-10 minutes each and at least 4 hours in between I started to see a bowl-like object form. I decided that I would make mine into a wall sconce for my hallway light fixture. After a few more sessions of gluing I had a piece large enough to work into a sconce.

Sconce placed over light fixture so I could figure out what shape I want it to finish as.

Sconce placed over light fixture so I could figure out what shape I want it to finish as.

I took the piece and put it in place as my new wall sconce to get an idea of what I need to do to give it a finished look. I noticed that I needed something to ensure that the button sconce would never come in direct contact with the light bulb. I chose to use a wire coat hanger cut & bent to size then superglued in place. This worked great. With the sconce in place I shot a few pictures. I was happy with the way this project was coming along. A few more buttons here and there to achieve the shape, contours and strong connection that will make it awesome then it would be done. : ).

As I reviewed the photos, my camera rang. lol  Next thing I knew I was totally sidetracked. First there was the phone call, then the dog needed water, the house plants also needed water then I began making dinner, fed the dog, this, that and some other things. I totally forgot about the sconce until I heard a crash in the hallway. : (.  Yep, my unfinished button sconce went crashing to the floor. My wall sconce project has been set back a few steps but it can be saved as the buttons did not break just the glue did.


The tragic scene of my sconce crash.

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