Lace – How to’s

Lace apparel


We have noticed lace is being used quite a bit these days. Lace is being used as an accent detail on garments, lace has been used to repair our favorite items, to give sneakers a little something special, lace on hand bags and of course to make beautiful lace gowns and more. But, how do you sew lace fabric so it looks professional?

Well, I took a look around the internet and found two video tutorials that I think do an excellent job at explaining as well as showing you how to sew with lace.

The first tutorial is for sewing lace fabric. It demonstrates how to create a nice clean and straight hem and/or seam using lace fabric. Click here for that tutorial.

The other tutorial I found demonstrates how to sew a lace insert into your fabric. This technique could also be used to insert a piece of lace in between two different pieces of fabric. To use two different pieces just follow the instructions but know you will not be cutting the fabric out as shown. Click here for the lace insert tutorial.

You can see an adorable outfit made using lace fabric in our storefront window at SAS Fabrics Superstore 9840 N 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021 through August 2014. This outfit would be really cute if you used a contrasting color below the lace like a red or yellow satin. We currently have plenty of lace in stock (as pictured below) including neon lace.

lace fabrics     neon lace





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