Summer 2015 Featured Fabric


Our Featured Fabric this summer is Challis:


Challis is sometimes referred to as challie or chally, it is a lightweight woven fabric, originally a silk-and-wool blend, which can also be made from a single fibre, such as cotton, silk or wool, or from man-made fabrics such as rayon.

Apparel made of Challis should be loose fitting and comfortable; not body hugging. Items commonly made of Challis include dresses, loose or baggy pants, shorts and tops.


Being that SAS Fabrics Superstore is located in the Sonoran desert it gets pretty damn hot making Challis a fabric of choice because of its lightweight and free flowing characteristics. Challis comes in many different colors and patterns.

We currently (July 2015) have colorful Challis for only available for $3.99/yard


Click here to learn a little about many different fabrics.

There are many advertisements on the page so try to not let those distract you.

Take Care & Happy Sewing!

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