SAS Fabrics Superstore – Word Search Puzzle

SAS word searchThis post is just for the fun and challenge of it. I created this word search puzzle filled with at least 24 words that represent, in one way or another, products we sell.   See if you can find these words.

elastic                              rhinestones                              leather                                     lycra

beads                               sequins                                    upholstery                               fleece

lace                                  remnants                                 tie backs                                  foam

cotton                              fashion fabrics                        satin                                         tulle

taffeta                              zippers                                    wool                                         poplin

trims                                thread                                      faux fur                                    vinyl




Another blog article by one of our wonderful customers

I apologize to our followers for not posting in awhile. The workloads seem to be increasing all across our nation – thank goodness!

I ran into this blog article written by a blogger who does not even live in Phoenix. We are proud to say that we have fans all around the globe.  I hope you learn something new about our store when you read the blog.

Click the link below.

If you have any suggestions for future blog entries please do share.

Thank you.   Take Care : )

Using Fabric as Wallpaper

fabric wallpaper

fabric wallpaper


Or should it be called “creating a new blog article by simply linking to someone else’s work”? Either way I thought some of you may enjoy this tutorial for using fabric as wallpaper. What a great way to add that special unique touch to you home. Instead of doing an entire room use fabric wallpaper on a single wall (or door) to really make it stand out. Click here for the tutorial.

Enjoy and Take Care

Halloween 2014

Just a brief summary of summer – Halloween 2014 in and around SAS Fabrics Superstore.  We have been keeping busy, so busy in fact that we have not posted for a while now. But rest assured this is a no news is good news situation here. We finished off the hot and very, very wet summer with a few great sales. In fact nearly all summer long you could get upholstery and home decor fabrics at 50% off our already very low prices. We also had fancy fabrics on sale early in the summer.  But, as we already know even without being on sale our prices beat the rest.

Halloween 2014 some of our staff showed their Halloween spirit.








Is that brief or what.


Lace – How to’s

Lace apparel


We have noticed lace is being used quite a bit these days. Lace is being used as an accent detail on garments, lace has been used to repair our favorite items, to give sneakers a little something special, lace on hand bags and of course to make beautiful lace gowns and more. But, how do you sew lace fabric so it looks professional?

Well, I took a look around the internet and found two video tutorials that I think do an excellent job at explaining as well as showing you how to sew with lace.

The first tutorial is for sewing lace fabric. It demonstrates how to create a nice clean and straight hem and/or seam using lace fabric. Click here for that tutorial.

The other tutorial I found demonstrates how to sew a lace insert into your fabric. This technique could also be used to insert a piece of lace in between two different pieces of fabric. To use two different pieces just follow the instructions but know you will not be cutting the fabric out as shown. Click here for the lace insert tutorial.

You can see an adorable outfit made using lace fabric in our storefront window at SAS Fabrics Superstore 9840 N 19th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021 through August 2014. This outfit would be really cute if you used a contrasting color below the lace like a red or yellow satin. We currently have plenty of lace in stock (as pictured below) including neon lace.

lace fabrics     neon lace






Fabric Ladder


A tutorial with patterns to finish a two foot tall wooden ladder with fabric. Protect your home and furniture by covering your handy yet harsh little step ladder with fabric. Makes a great accent piece for most any style of decor. Protect your other furnishings by covering the potentially hazardous hard corners of the ladder by softening them with a fabric finish.

Spring Craft Fairs, Shows & Festivals

Original Button Bouquet by Liz

It has been feeling a lot like spring this winter here in Phoenix, Arizona. You could say winter really did not happen around here this year. Sure, it was in full force in other parts of the country but mostly temperatures in 70’s & 80’s for us desert dwellers. With spring in the air I like to enjoy outdoor activities such as attending craft fairs. I figured some of you also enjoy spending a few hours just wandering about looking at all the wonderful items created by others who love to create. So, I decided to check out some websites that provide information about craft fairs, festivals and such and while doing so I took notes so that I could share with you which sites I found to be useful and why.

The information I found on these sites is not only great information for people who wish to find an event to attend but also very useful for crafters who wish to be a vendor at such an event. Below you will find links to the websites I visited. These sites provide the visitor with information about attending craft fairs, craft shows, festivals and similar events as well as information for potential vendors such as booth fees, insurance requirements and contact info. Listed below is the website address link for each site I visited. Below the link you will find my review for that website as well as whether I DO recommend and/or do NOT recommend the website.

This website refers to the Briar Patch Marketplace exclusively. Briar Patch Marketplace is a local event that was formed over 33 years ago by Jeannie Cueto. It is a fundraising tool for local schools. The marketplace has been a huge success for crafters and schools alike. The marketplace event is often made up of over 100 local crafters offering items for the home and yard, clothing items, jewelry, art and gifts.  The marketplace calendar seems to include every weekend (at least in the spring) and locations are valley wide. I DO recommend Briar Patch Marketplace to all my readers and crafters.

With over 60 listings for this March alone I DO recommend this website for both attendees and potential vendors. This website includes information such as vendor pricing, insurance requirements, event locations, times and contact information. The information is easy to navigate and well organized. The WordPress blog site includes information about local clubs and organizations and includes classified ads.

This website is brought to us by the Arizona Department of Tourism. The information provided is very well organized and easy to read. With 44 events listed for March 2014 it is surprisingly complete. Sure there are most likely events that did not make the listing, yet, I am quite impressed with the listing. The website includes a search option with many filters making it quick and easy to find what you are looking for. Each listing includes a phone number, website or other contact information as well as costs for attendees and vendors alike. I DO recommend this site. This site is a great resource for those who are looking for something to do locally.

This is the Arizona Fairs & Festivals website. With over 50 Arizona events listed for March 2014 this site is quite competitive and proves to be just as informative as the other sites I recommended. I DO recommend this site. The site includes a search option with filtering abilities. It is a great resource for local events and local artisans.

This website is a good source of information. It is quite complete with 85 events listed for March 2014 alone. Even though you must become a member of FNO (Festival Network Online) to get full details I DO recommend this website for potential craft vendors. The site includes links to related resources and a page to buy or sell related merchandise. It is also a good resource for event attendees that do not mind going through the enrollment process to access the information such as times, exact location and costs.

This website fell short of being a useful tool for Arizona crafters and craft shoppers. With only one Arizona event listed I do NOT recommend this website.

This website, as the name implies, represents events nationwide making it a bit more time consuming to get local event information. The best way I found to get only local event info is to use the state links found in the lefthand column. Because of the time it takes to filter out undesired listings and the fact that it contained only a handful of Arizona events for this March I do NOT recommend this site to those who like to keep it local.

This site has over 400 listing for events within a 100 mile radius of zip code 85010. Even with over 400 listings I do NOT recommend this website. However, I DO recommend any crafters who are new at this to check out the informative links listed on the site. The site has more to offer than just a list of events it also contains articles related to succeeding in the craft business. The reason I do NOT recommend it is because the listings are not kept current.There were listings for events that occurred over a year ago. I would verify all event information before investing any time in preparing for an event listed here.

At first I thought this website was no longer in existence but I looked a little closer and found that I had incorrectly entered the address. I added an S to the word craft in the address. Once I entered this website I found myself looking at what appears to be a plethora of information. There is so much information on this website that it seems as if it must include every event no matter how small. The reality is I did not look any further into the information provided once I noticed every one of the +/- 50 events listed on the first page of Arizona events took place in 2013. I do NOT recommend this website. It does look like a decent resource if you do not mind sifting through bunches of outdated information to find what you are looking for.

If you are planning to host a craft fair or similar event most of the websites listed here allow you to list your event on their site for free. Listing your event on these sites will be beneficial in finding vendors to sell at your event as well as letting attendees know the details about the event.

For vendors that want to do shows nationwide the last two websites listed here may prove to be exactly what you are looking for to get the information needed to go on ‘tour’ with your creations. You should be able to fill your calendar with the thousands of listings contained on these sites.

I hope you find this information helpful. For all of you crafters looking to find success in doing what you love I hope you succeed.         Happy crafting.         Take care.  : )

SAS New Customer Window


At SAS we are always looking for ways to help our customers show off their creations and make new contacts. So, starting this March, bring your best stuff (made from SAS purchases) to our store, and we’ll put it into a special section in our front display window for limited time of 1-2 months you can even include your name and contact info in your mini-display! (Pictures are good too, if large enough to be easily seen from 3 feet away.)

For more information please e-mail me at

Okay, I think we all know it is never just as easy as the above. So here is the “small print” don’t worry I will keep it as simple as possible.

1. Customer has been warned that items placed in the window displays will be subject to extreme sun exposure. This extreme exposure causes damage to most items. What this means is the item you place in our window display will likely be ruined and will no longer be a sellable item.

2. Items brought in by customers to be placed in the window display shall be contained in a single container such as a box or envelope. The item can be left with any of the staff members but all items must be in a sealed container and addressed to SAS Fabrics Superstore c/o Laura D’Angelico.

3. Arranging the items in the display window will be done by Laura D’Angelico. Customers will not be allowed to set up their own items so it is a good idea to include in your package any special setup instructions. Include photos if needed to clearly demonstrate how you would like the display to look.

4. The display window will not be accessible to the customers whether they have their items displayed or not. Once you give us an item to display for you you will not have access to that item until the end of the display time frame.

5. SAS will not be offering your items for sale. If someone is interested in purchasing your item we will assist them in obtaining your contact information so they can connect with you. Your contact information must be clear & readable and it must be a part of your display package. We will be using a numbering system with all of your marketing materials located in our community center under your display number.

6. All of your items must be picked up at the end of the display timeframe. Items not picked up within 1 week of the end of display will be considered abandoned. SAS is not responsible for abandoned items.

7. We at SAS will do what we can to assure your items are secure but we are not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items.

8. Display time frame and display area size will be based on demand.

9. We will rely on common sense for anything not covered by this “small print”. Let’s keep it fun & friendly folks.

Oh Yeah, I am thinking each display will be allowed an area that is 21 inches wide by 30 inches deep by 6 feet tall. All tall displays must be freestanding and very stable.

We have a few mannequins available. First come first serve. No power will be provided.