Customer Showcase

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We at SAS Fabrics Superstore understand that our customers are the reason our store has remained strong since it opened it’s door s in 1964. To show our customers that we truly appreciate them we offer quality products and unbeatable deals everyday. We have a community corner with bulletin boards where customers can put their business cards, brochures, fliers, etc. or browse the posted information to find a business or individual to work with. There is even a table & chairs in the community corner where it is not uncommon to find a customer’s family member simply waiting patiently for their loved one to finish shopping.

Another customer appreciation effort we have put in place is our “Customer Window“.  The SAS Fabrics Superstore Customer Window is nearly 100 square feet of very visible storefront display with a high traffic rate. Our large display windows are very visible to the hundreds of people who walk past them and the thousands of people who drive past them every day. The well lit displays are very eye catching at night. This combination of high traffic, large storefront windows and free space offers our customers a perfect opportunity to promote their products and/or services. Customers are encouraged to display their products made mostly of materials purchased at SAS Fabrics Superstore. Item must be made of materials purchased at SAS Fabrics Superstore in north Phoenix. Items made using materials from any other SAS store do NOT qualify for the customer window display.