All kids want to be Frozen this Halloween

frozenIt is time to start working on your child’s Halloween costume. That is true for many of us anyway, others may not have to worry about it until the days just before.

For those of you with children who want to be one of the character’s from the movie Frozen I found this tutorial that includes images of and instructions for making your own Frozen costumes. I hope you find it helpful.

Take Care & Happy Sewing  : )

How to Make a Gypsy Skirt Belt

Make your own Gypsy Skirt Belt in 3 easy steps:

Gypsy lace skirt belt


Items needed:
1. Two yards of allover lace (only $2.00per yd at SAS fabrics Superstore)
2. 3 yards of ribbon for belt

Fold your fabric as shown below.

Folding Instructions






Fold 20 inches in other direction.







Final steps



cutting pattern