4th of July Decorating Ideas

Are you going to be celebrating this 4th of July holiday? Celebrating or not it is easy and fun to show your love for our beautiful country, USA. I found some fun and simple projects you may want to check them out. I kept it to only 2 links that have nice decorating ideas. I know there are many, many more projects out there but did not want to overwhelm you guys.

Before we go to the links let me show you some of the patriotic fabrics currently (June 2014) in stock at SAS Fabrics Superstore located at 9840 N 19th Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona 85021. Phone: 602-943-7777

Photos are of some of the patriotic print fabrics currently in store. We also have patriotic ribbons, trims, cords and more.

This link is represented by the image below.  Pretty cool looking don’t you think?




The next link is for burlap covered candle jars but I live in Phoenix and I can’t imagine wanting a burning candle on the 4th of July.  So for the next tutorial I suggest using clear plastic cups (smallest you can find – like shot glass small) and wrap them with burlap & decorate with fabric shapes, like shown in the link, then mount the cups over the bulbs in a string of Christmas lights.



Enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be safe.

Take Care. : )

Affordable Holiday Crafts for kids

Paper Towel tube decor

Here is an affordable way to spend time with the kids this holiday season. Plus when are done you will have some new ornaments to decorate your home with. This is also a ‘green’ project because you use empty toilet paper or paper towel tubes and toothpaste cartons. Be creative and use other similar items that you may have on hand.

What you will need:

1. empty cardboard tubes and/or boxes from paper towels, tooth paste and toilet paper rolls.

2. scissors

3. glue

4. paint

5. glitter (SAS)

6. plastic gems (SAS)

7. Creativity

What you will do is cut the boxes and/or tubes into  +/- 1/2 inch strips in the short direction so you end up with small rings. Next arrange your rings into shapes and use glue to hold them together.

Once the glue is completely dry you can paint the piece. Spray paint would be the easiest way to do this step. Or you can skip this step if you prefer.

Once the paint is dry apply a thin coat of glue wherever you want the glitter to stick. I did mine over the entire piece. While the glue is still tacky sprinkle the glitter onto it.

To give your piece the finishing touch glue a plastic gem from SAS Fabrics Superstore to the center or wherever you want.  Once everything is dry you can hang it as a decoration in your window, on a Christmas tree or wherever you want to add a little bling bling. Post images of your finished project for us to see, please. : )

Toothpaste tube decor

I hope this project will give you and your loved ones some quality time together and wonderful memories that last way beyond the life of the items you created.

Happy Holidays : )