Hidden Characteristics That can be Found in Fabrics

I was looking at the colorful, lacy, stretchy, crochet-like and somewhat hippie fabric we have in stock at SAS Fabrics Superstore this Spring of 2015.

April 2015

April 2015

As I was checking it out and brainstorming for ideas and ways to display this fabric in our storefront I discovered it has hidden character. I do not know if this is common with fabrics of its type or not. I do know, however, that I do see similar techniques used often in upholstery fabrics.

It is easy to see that the fabric has the obvious pattern of colors in a geometric theme that you see when you simply glance at it. These colors and patterns remind me of hippie apparel. I am not really sure if anyone else would relate the appearance to the 60’s hippie fashions but I do.geometric pattern

When you look at the fabric you see that it resembles crochet work as it has an open weave.   When you look closer you may even ask yourself if the holes (open weave) are an intentional character of the fabric or if maybe they were unintentional and caused by an insect of some type. Well, these are the things that went through my mind anyway.

As I was doing my brainstorming I thought maybe this fabric would benefit by being backlit. So, I held it up where it had some good backlighting (I had a piece of white satin behind it already) and what I saw took me by surprise. My reaction to what I saw was something like “What the heck, check that out?”


I saw that those ‘holes’ in the fabric were not only intentional but they also created a paisley pattern. I have no clue what the fabric designer may have envisioned when incorporating  this character into the fabric but I can see that if used in the right application it could create a very unique result. IMG_8472

As you can see when you look at the fabric under these backlit conditions, the paisley pattern becomes almost more dominant than the colored geometric pattern.  Before I discovered this hidden character in the fabric I was thinking of using a shimmering fabric behind the lacy hippie fabric to create a long flowing skirt. It would look something like this.

with glittery base fabric

The fabric will work great in an application of this type. But, I am really curious what a professional may be able to do that would show-off the otherwise hidden paisley pattern.  For now I will just wonder and hope that one of the readers of this article will be inspired enough to run over to our store to pick up some of the fabric and create an item that brings out the paisley pattern then takes the time to share the results with us.

I hope you enjoyed learning about the hidden characters that can be found in fabrics.

Take care.  : )

Using Fabric as Wallpaper

fabric wallpaper

fabric wallpaper


Or should it be called “creating a new blog article by simply linking to someone else’s work”? Either way I thought some of you may enjoy this tutorial for using fabric as wallpaper. What a great way to add that special unique touch to you home. Instead of doing an entire room use fabric wallpaper on a single wall (or door) to really make it stand out. Click here for the tutorial.

Enjoy and Take Care

Holiday Gift Ideas that are Easy to Make

Happy Holidays SASsy Sewing Fans

Today I want to share some easy to make and very affordable gift ideas that are not only fun to make but fun to receive. Being that it is already December and we do not have much time left before Christmas day I browsed the wide world web for great gifts you can make in a jiffy.

Gift Idea #1

The first item is the amazing all zipper purse. If you have never seen one of these before it is definitely worth checking out. One way to make these purses even more fun is to use two different colored zippers of the same size and same size ‘teeth’ (I do not know if they call them teeth but you know the little guys that hold it closed). Buy at least 2 colors of the zippers that we have available by the foot at SAS Fabrics Superstore then unzip them all the way and take one of each color and zip them together so you have a zipper of two different colors. Then proceed to this great tutorial I found. Continuous Zipper Purse Tutorial  Enjoy!

Zipper Purse

Continuous Zipper Purse

Gift Idea #2

The next item I think you may like is the trash bag for your car. Sounds pretty easy to make. Customize it to match the vehicle or to compliment the personality of the one you wish to give it.

Click on this link to go to the instructions Vehicle Trash Bag Tutorial.

vehicle trash bag

Trash Bag for your Vehicle

Gift Idea #3

Okay, this is the last one for today. It is going to take more time to make than the other items here but I believe it will be worth the effort. This link takes you to a YouTube video that shows you how to make comfy warm moccasins or booties. You can find a great selection of faux fur at SAS Fabrics Superstore that would be perfect for this project. We also have a nice selection of leather if you are a brave adventurous creator. In fact we carry everything you need to do all of these projects.


Make Someone’s Feet Happy with these Booties

Be sure to visit SASsy Sewing for other Holiday gift ideas and Christmas Decoration tutorials.

Enjoy your Holidays!

Take Care

: )

All kids want to be Frozen this Halloween

frozenIt is time to start working on your child’s Halloween costume. That is true for many of us anyway, others may not have to worry about it until the days just before.

For those of you with children who want to be one of the character’s from the movie Frozen I found this tutorial that includes images of and instructions for making your own Frozen costumes. I hope you find it helpful.


Take Care & Happy Sewing  : )

4th of July Decorating Ideas

Are you going to be celebrating this 4th of July holiday? Celebrating or not it is easy and fun to show your love for our beautiful country, USA. I found some fun and simple projects you may want to check them out. I kept it to only 2 links that have nice decorating ideas. I know there are many, many more projects out there but did not want to overwhelm you guys.

Before we go to the links let me show you some of the patriotic fabrics currently (June 2014) in stock at SAS Fabrics Superstore located at 9840 N 19th Ave. in Phoenix, Arizona 85021. Phone: 602-943-7777

Photos are of some of the patriotic print fabrics currently in store. We also have patriotic ribbons, trims, cords and more.

This link is represented by the image below.  Pretty cool looking don’t you think?




The next link is for burlap covered candle jars but I live in Phoenix and I can’t imagine wanting a burning candle on the 4th of July.  So for the next tutorial I suggest using clear plastic cups (smallest you can find – like shot glass small) and wrap them with burlap & decorate with fabric shapes, like shown in the link, then mount the cups over the bulbs in a string of Christmas lights.



Enjoy your 4th of July holiday and be safe.

Take Care. : )


Fabric Ladder


A tutorial with patterns to finish a two foot tall wooden ladder with fabric. Protect your home and furniture by covering your handy yet harsh little step ladder with fabric. Makes a great accent piece for most any style of decor. Protect your other furnishings by covering the potentially hazardous hard corners of the ladder by softening them with a fabric finish.

Upholstery Fabrics

Examples of upholstery fabrics we carry. Stock is constantly changing please visit our store to see our current selection.

Top 10 Sewing Tips for Beginners

Top 10 Tips for Better Sewing











Sewing Tips for Beginners

Source: http://www.squidoo.com/bettersewing

1. Be sure your sewing machine is in good working order. If in doubt, have your machine tuned up by a good sewing machine repairman. No amount of sewing skill can compensate for the annoyances of a machine that needs work.

2. Whenever you are sewing two pieces of fabric together and one piece is longer than the other,be sure to place the longer piece on the bottom. That way the feed dogs will automatically help ease in the longer piece.

3. Start with a new needle for each project.

4. Sew with the best materials you can afford. Better quality fabrics are often easier to sew.

5. Invest in a good all around sewing reference book such as The Reader’s Digest Guide to Sewing or the Vogue Sewing Book. Used copies are available online or at your local Half-Price Book Store.

6. Use good quality thread. Bad thread equals trouble-filled sewing and even possible damage to your sewing machine, so bypass the 10 spools for $1 table.

7. Use your sewing scissors for sewing only. Tiny burrs and nicks can snag expensive fabrics. Dull scissors make cutting tough going so keep your scissors sharp.

8. Learn to use a rotary cutter and mat. Although once used mostly for quilting, rotary cutters can be very handy for general sewing. They are especially useful for accurately cutting slippery lingerie and special occasion fabrics.

9. Assemble everything you need for your project and read through your pattern instructions before you begin cutting and sewing.

10. Above all be patient with yourself. When you are tired you are more likely to make mistakes, so when you start having problems, take a break or perhaps come back to your project another day.

Bonus Sewing Tips

There’s always more to discover.

1. Always discard bent and burred pins as you find them. Like bad needles, bad pins can snag fabric and help make sewing more difficult than it needs to be.

2. Get free software that allows you to print out patterns for all kinds of accessories like bags and hats. The program called Wild Things is available at http://www.wildginger.com. Wild Things is one of the most valuable freebies for sewers being offered on the internet. Don’t miss it.

3. Ever been at the fabric store and wonder how many yards of fabric are left on a bolt? There is a fast easy way to check. Hold the bolt so that the folded edges of the fabric are up. Count the number of folds on one side of the bolt. Divide by 2. Your result is the approximate number of yards left.

4. If you are a beginning sewer you may be tempted to sew over straight pins rather than take them out as you sew your seams. Don’t do it! If you hit a pin with your needle you may throw off the timing of your machine, resulting in a costly repair.

5. Burdastyle.com offers stylish sewing patterns you can print out on your computer and they’re FREE. This open source sewing website also features photos of users’ versions of the patterns made up and their tips for working with the patterns. This is a freebie right up there with Wildginger’s Wild Things. It’s a must see. 😉

I hope you found this information helpful. I know I did.

Take Care, Laura : )

How to Make Fabric Flowers

By: Laura D’Angelico

Have you ever finished a sewing project and had left over fabric that you just do not want to toss in the trash? Wondered what you could do with the left over fabric, besides making a quilt? Well you may want to consider making a bouquet of fabric flowers like these.


They are very easy to make, look great and are “so SASsy“.

First you will cut your fabric into circles (like shown below). Cut to a size about twice as large as you want your flowers to be. I used circles that ranged in size from 6 to 12 inches in diameter. It looks best if you use different sizes & colors of fabric.  Next you will thread a needle with plenty of thread (like 2 times as long as the diameter of your circle). Tie a knot at the end big enough so that it will not pull through the fabric. Now you will weave the needle & thread from back side of circle to front using long stitches (about 1/2 inch long) all the way around your circle about 3/8 inch in from outer edge. You may want to lightly draw a guideline to help you stay at a consistent distance from the edge. See image below.

Once you are all the way around you simply pull on the thread and the circle will begin to close up. Before you close it you will want to stuff it with fiber fill, scraps of fabric, old nylons or whatever works for you. Once you stuff it to your liking then you pull the thread tight and tie it so it stays closed. See below image of gather fabric closure. Use embroidery thread or multiple strands of regular thread to define the pedals. Make as many pedals as it takes to get a look you like. Add a button or other material in the center if desired.

Next you will make the leaves. To do this green fabric is best but anything goes. It is all up to what you want. Once you have decided on the fabric fold it and cut out a leaf shape. Picture below shows the cut out leaf.

To make your flower stem use a coat hanger. Unwind & straighten the hanger as you would to toast a marshmallow over a campfire. Using a wire cutter cut the hanger to the desired length plus about 2 or 3 inches. The extra few inches will work like the roots to help your flower stand up.

Now fold your leaves over the hanger and secure it using glue. I gave the leaves a little extra character by using a needle & thread to ‘draw’ veins on them. The veins (shown below) are optional.

To finish your project find a container to display your flowers in. Cut some floral foam to fit snuggly in your container and press into place. Put your flower onto your stem by inserting the hanger into the gathered fabric closure and place by stabbing the ‘roots’ into the foam.All done. I hope you enjoy your fabric flowers. : )Take care, hope to see or hear from you soon.Laura : )

About SAS Fabrics Superstore’s History

By: Laura D’Angelico Blog 2   September 13, 2012


I feel as if I forgot something. Thinking about SASsy Sewing blog I realized that I never really introduced my readers to our store.

SAS Fabrics Superstore is a discount fabric and sewing craft store located at 9840 N 19th Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85021. SAS started out as a ma & pa (mostly ma) shop with one location in 1964. With hard work and dedication ma & pa were able to grow their business and eventually they grew to 3 stores in 2 states. There were 2 other SAS stores in Arizona created by one of their children The founders of SAS (ma & pa) have since passed away leaving one store to each of their children. Today each SAS store is individually owned and operated but still offer their customers great bargains and a large selection.

This blog belongs to the 19th Ave store which is now known as SAS Fabrics Superstore. It is a “super store” worth the drive from anywhere in the valley. But, when you can’t travel to North Phoenix another SAS is your next best choice.

We at SAS Fabrics Superstore look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each of our customers and this blog is one way we can communicate with our clientele and exchange tips, knowledge and ideas. We are also working on being more involved with the community in general so please feel free to post information about local businesses, events, sewing & craft classes and super bargains.

So come on in to SAS Fabrics Superstore and check out our amazing deals on fabrics for upholstery, drapery, apparel, costumes and more. We have a bridal section filled with sequins, lace, satins, notions and such. We have a good selection of tiaras, rings, hair accessories, flowers, belts and other bling-bling. We also carry peacock feathers and belly dancer’s belts.

Take care & thanks for reading my blog.

Laura : )