Using Upholstery sample panels to make a Pillow

In this tutorial you will learn how quick, easy and affordable it is to make a pillow using upholstery sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore.

First, we go to SAS to select our panels and pillow form(s). Below is a photo of the panels I selected. SAS sells them for $1.99 each.

sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore

sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore

I will use the large tapestry-like panel as the front of my pillow. The other panels I will use to make the back of the pillow like shown in the photo below.

layout of panel for the back of the pillow

layout of panels for the back of the pillow

As you can see I cut one of the panels to make the back complete.

Next I will begin to sew the pillow together.  First I put just a few stitches in the rear panels to hold them together. I did this while keeping in mind that this pillow would not have a zipper opening to put the pillow form in through. Instead I plan on leaving the middle of the back open for stuffing the pillow form through. Let’s call it a tuck and fold closure.


To sew the sides of the pillow together place the panels with the finished faces facing each other. The pillow will be inside out. Now simply sew each of the four sides together either by machine or by hand. Then turn it right side out through the tuck & fold closure in the middle of the back side of the pillow. Next stuff the pillow form into the finished pillow case.

IMG_1011  This is what the back of my finished pillow looks like.




This is the front. This pillow took me less than 1 hour from beginning to finish. And it cost less than $9.  : )IMG_1017