Sewing – a New Found Passion for Stroke Victim – Follow up

To brief you on the original story my mother suffered a very bad stroke that resulted in her losing her ability to walk and talk. She also lost all movement on the right side of her body. Being right handed it has taken her some time to learn how to make the best of what she has left.

Mom was placed in an assisted living apartment where she did not receive the attention, assistance and encouragement she needed to heal. She stayed there slowly dying for over two years before she was finally placed in a healing environment.  She immediately began to show improvements once she was placed in the right environment. Personally, I believe she could have regained about 50% of her speech and twice as much as her current mobility had she been placed in a healing environment as soon as she was discharged from the hospital. Sadly, that was not the option chosen by her power of attorney.


Now mom has re-learned how to sew using a sewing machine with a foot pedal. It is not the same as the crocheting she was always doing before the stroke but she loves being able to do something productive once again. The previous placement had mom sitting in a recliner all day long except for being put in her wheelchair to go to the dining room for lunch and sometimes for dinner. She spent much of that time sleeping because she was so bored and there was not much she could do about it. Remember; she cannot speak, write or otherwise verbalize her wants and or needs. She can answer yes and no to questions but though it can be obvious that mom wants something figuring out what it is can be quite difficult. Often times she just shakes her head and puts an end to the guessing game before we even get close. The folks were scheduled to be placed in a convalescent home when my step dad made a brave call to his daughter asking if she would be willing let them move into her home and her care. Had he not made the call their lives would be very different today and not in a good way.

Here are some pictures of her work. She is good and fast. 

b&w AquaAgua Mark's