Craigslist – amazing free resource

Seeing as I found this blogging opportunity through Craigslist it seems appropriate to write this article about Though I found the opportunity via the “jobs” section my focus for this article is mostly the “for sale” section and the ‘free’ sub-section. Let me start by sharing with you things you can find for free everyday on CL.

10 things you can find forFREE everyday on Craigslist (at least in Phoenix, AZ)

  1.  Televisions
  2.  Spas / Jacuzzis
  3.  Moving Boxes
  4.  Fill dirt
  5.  Pallets
  6.  Furniture / Mattresses
  7.  Appliances
  8.  Toys
  9.  Rocks
  10.  Building Materials

Next, 10 surprising things I have seen more than a couple of times for FREE on Craigslist

  1.  Mobile Homes
  2.  Walk in freezers
  3.  Timeshares
  4.  Pianos / Organs

    Found under "free" in Monterey's CL page

    Found under ‘free’ on Monterey’s CL page

  5.  Vehicles / Boats
  6.  Horses / Goats
  7.  Tickets (even good ones)
  8. Used oil

    free used vegetable oil

    free used vegetable oil

  9. Nearly new furnishings
Found under 'free'

Found under ‘free’

AND my favorite (for creativity) 

10. You pick ‘em greens (basically weeds listed as mustard greens, dandelions, and clover)





I think most of us know that you can turn to Craigslist if you are looking for a job or a place to live or you want to buy or sell a vehicle. But, below I have listed 10 Things I bet you did not know you could find on Craigslist

  1.  Craigslist TV – a Youtube channel of weird, wild, and wonderful stories of craigslist users.
  2.  a variety of Open Source projects (I would tell you more but this area is a little above my level of understanding & participation)
  3.  Craigslist blog
  4.  “Craigslist Joe” A movie based on a man on a mission to live a month off of Craigslist alone. He sets off with a cell phone,  bicycle and a backpack. No money, no contacts.
  5.  Best of Craigslist
  6.  Discussion Forums for everything
  7.  Lost and Found – A great place to post an ad for a lost or found item or pet.
  8.  Barter – Under the “for sale” category there is a section for people to trade things.
  9.  Rideshare –  whether you are looking for a ride somewhere or you do not like to travel alone this is where you should look.
  10.  A Date –  Yep Craigslist has a ‘personals’ section where you can find others looking for love, a LTR, BBW, SWM, SWF, SBM, etc. – always use caution when finding love online.

And my final topic:

5 Things you would expect to find for free everyday on Craigslist but can’t.  Don’t get me wrong I have seen all of these things listed for free but not very often.

  1.  Computers
  2.  Cell phones
  3.  Aluminum cans (many people like to collect cans for others but not here)
  4.  Game consoles (we all know gamers need to update their systems every couple of years, where are the old systems going?)
  5.  Bicycles

I think it would be a great challenge to build and furnish a home using only things found on Craigslist. I am ready for this challenge just need to find the land for free. And a jurisdiction that would be willing to work with this building concept. It would be difficult to keep with traditional methods and materials so imagination, and ability to work with what is available are a must.

Thanks for reading and Take Care.

Summer 2015 Featured Fabric


Our Featured Fabric this summer is Challis:


Challis is sometimes referred to as challie or chally, it is a lightweight woven fabric, originally a silk-and-wool blend, which can also be made from a single fibre, such as cotton, silk or wool, or from man-made fabrics such as rayon.

Apparel made of Challis should be loose fitting and comfortable; not body hugging. Items commonly made of Challis include dresses, loose or baggy pants, shorts and tops.


Being that SAS Fabrics Superstore is located in the Sonoran desert it gets pretty damn hot making Challis a fabric of choice because of its lightweight and free flowing characteristics. Challis comes in many different colors and patterns.

We currently (July 2015) have colorful Challis for only available for $3.99/yard


Click here to learn a little about many different fabrics.

There are many advertisements on the page so try to not let those distract you.

Take Care & Happy Sewing!


Fabric Ladder


A tutorial with patterns to finish a two foot tall wooden ladder with fabric. Protect your home and furniture by covering your handy yet harsh little step ladder with fabric. Makes a great accent piece for most any style of decor. Protect your other furnishings by covering the potentially hazardous hard corners of the ladder by softening them with a fabric finish.

About SAS Fabrics Superstore’s History

By: Laura D’Angelico Blog 2   September 13, 2012


I feel as if I forgot something. Thinking about SASsy Sewing blog I realized that I never really introduced my readers to our store.

SAS Fabrics Superstore is a discount fabric and sewing craft store located at 9840 N 19th Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85021. SAS started out as a ma & pa (mostly ma) shop with one location in 1964. With hard work and dedication ma & pa were able to grow their business and eventually they grew to 3 stores in 2 states. There were 2 other SAS stores in Arizona created by one of their children The founders of SAS (ma & pa) have since passed away leaving one store to each of their children. Today each SAS store is individually owned and operated but still offer their customers great bargains and a large selection.

This blog belongs to the 19th Ave store which is now known as SAS Fabrics Superstore. It is a “super store” worth the drive from anywhere in the valley. But, when you can’t travel to North Phoenix another SAS is your next best choice.

We at SAS Fabrics Superstore look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each of our customers and this blog is one way we can communicate with our clientele and exchange tips, knowledge and ideas. We are also working on being more involved with the community in general so please feel free to post information about local businesses, events, sewing & craft classes and super bargains.

So come on in to SAS Fabrics Superstore and check out our amazing deals on fabrics for upholstery, drapery, apparel, costumes and more. We have a bridal section filled with sequins, lace, satins, notions and such. We have a good selection of tiaras, rings, hair accessories, flowers, belts and other bling-bling. We also carry peacock feathers and belly dancer’s belts.

Take care & thanks for reading my blog.

Laura : )