Reupholstering – a “green” project

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upholstery 02upholstery 03Since we currently have all upholstery and home decor fabrics on SALE for 25% OFF I decided to do a little homework for our customers. I researched tutorials, tips and other information related to reupholstering to assist you with your project. Remember our 25% off sale only lasts until July 31st, 2014 so now is the time to get started. It is too darn hot outside to do anything outdoors so the time is right for a project like reupholstering a sofa. By reupholstering you are helping our earth. Go green!First take a look at this short article describing the basic steps of reupholstering a sofa to determine if you think this is a project you are prepared to tackle.  At the bottom of that article was this link to more in depth information. If you feel you are up for the challenge keep reading.

I also found some helpful tips from professionals and even more tips.

I found this video to be quite informative for refinishing the back of the sofa without having any staples show. I liked that the video for finishing the back of the sofa because it was brief but packed full of good information so I am providing a link to her Youtube channel where you will find her other videos. Be sure to check out her video for finishing the arms of the sofa too.

Okay, before you begin you may want to know a bit about the fabric choices out there. Make sure you pick a heavy duty durable fabric for your upholstery project. Before you run off to SAS to get your fabric check out this yardage chart. Make sure you buy enough fabric to finish your project because you may not be able to find the exact same fabric at a later date. It is better to have too much than not enough.

If you get started and then realize you bit off more than you can chew check out the bulletin board and customer window at the store to see if you can find a professional to give you a hand.

Once you are done with your project, please post before and after photos on our Facebook page to show off all your hard work.

Best of luck to you. Happy reupholstering.


Take care!  : )

More Sewing Tips

Nuts & bolts as pattern weights

Nuts & bolts as pattern weights

I often browse the web looking to learn more and more about sewing , fabrics, upholstery, how-to’s and such. When I find valuable information I like to share it with others like you. Before I send you to the blog I want to share my take on a few items discussed in the article.

First, one of the items discussed is pattern weights. I had never seen a pattern weight so; I Googled  it.  Pattern weights look like fabric covered washers. So my tip is use metal bolt washers & nuts that are 1 inch or larger. Another item that you may have at home (if you’re a crafter anyway) is glass dots, these could work as well. Other items could work too as long as they are not very tall and are somewhat heavy.

Second, remember the importance of using the correct sewing machine needle, thread, and tension.

My last personal tip is always check your thread before you start to sew. It is so frustrating when I sew an entire seam only to find that the thread was not in the correct place (in relation to the presser foot of the machine) so no sewing actually took place.

OK, now for the link to the other tips I found:

7 Important Sewing Tips and Trade Secrets.