Reupholstering – a “green” project

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upholstery 02upholstery 03Since we currently have all upholstery and home decor fabrics on SALE for 25% OFF I decided to do a little homework for our customers. I researched tutorials, tips and other information related to reupholstering to assist you with your project. Remember our 25% off sale only lasts until July 31st, 2014 so now is the time to get started. It is too darn hot outside to do anything outdoors so the time is right for a project like reupholstering a sofa. By reupholstering you are helping our earth. Go green!First take a look at this short article describing the basic steps of reupholstering a sofa to determine if you think this is a project you are prepared to tackle.  At the bottom of that article was this link to more in depth information. If you feel you are up for the challenge keep reading.

I also found some helpful tips from professionals and even more tips.

I found this video to be quite informative for refinishing the back of the sofa without having any staples show. I liked that the video for finishing the back of the sofa because it was brief but packed full of good information so I am providing a link to her Youtube channel where you will find her other videos. Be sure to check out her video for finishing the arms of the sofa too.

Okay, before you begin you may want to know a bit about the fabric choices out there. Make sure you pick a heavy duty durable fabric for your upholstery project. Before you run off to SAS to get your fabric check out this yardage chart. Make sure you buy enough fabric to finish your project because you may not be able to find the exact same fabric at a later date. It is better to have too much than not enough.

If you get started and then realize you bit off more than you can chew check out the bulletin board and customer window at the store to see if you can find a professional to give you a hand.

Once you are done with your project, please post before and after photos on our Facebook page to show off all your hard work.

Best of luck to you. Happy reupholstering.


Take care!  : )

Upholstery Fabrics

Examples of upholstery fabrics we carry. Stock is constantly changing please visit our store to see our current selection.

Using Upholstery sample panels to make a Pillow

In this tutorial you will learn how quick, easy and affordable it is to make a pillow using upholstery sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore.

First, we go to SAS to select our panels and pillow form(s). Below is a photo of the panels I selected. SAS sells them for $1.99 each.

sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore

sample panels from SAS Fabrics Superstore

I will use the large tapestry-like panel as the front of my pillow. The other panels I will use to make the back of the pillow like shown in the photo below.

layout of panel for the back of the pillow

layout of panels for the back of the pillow

As you can see I cut one of the panels to make the back complete.

Next I will begin to sew the pillow together.  First I put just a few stitches in the rear panels to hold them together. I did this while keeping in mind that this pillow would not have a zipper opening to put the pillow form in through. Instead I plan on leaving the middle of the back open for stuffing the pillow form through. Let’s call it a tuck and fold closure.


To sew the sides of the pillow together place the panels with the finished faces facing each other. The pillow will be inside out. Now simply sew each of the four sides together either by machine or by hand. Then turn it right side out through the tuck & fold closure in the middle of the back side of the pillow. Next stuff the pillow form into the finished pillow case.

IMG_1011  This is what the back of my finished pillow looks like.




This is the front. This pillow took me less than 1 hour from beginning to finish. And it cost less than $9.  : )IMG_1017

About SAS Fabrics Superstore’s History

By: Laura D’Angelico Blog 2   September 13, 2012


I feel as if I forgot something. Thinking about SASsy Sewing blog I realized that I never really introduced my readers to our store.

SAS Fabrics Superstore is a discount fabric and sewing craft store located at 9840 N 19th Ave in Phoenix, AZ 85021. SAS started out as a ma & pa (mostly ma) shop with one location in 1964. With hard work and dedication ma & pa were able to grow their business and eventually they grew to 3 stores in 2 states. There were 2 other SAS stores in Arizona created by one of their children The founders of SAS (ma & pa) have since passed away leaving one store to each of their children. Today each SAS store is individually owned and operated but still offer their customers great bargains and a large selection.

This blog belongs to the 19th Ave store which is now known as SAS Fabrics Superstore. It is a “super store” worth the drive from anywhere in the valley. But, when you can’t travel to North Phoenix another SAS is your next best choice.

We at SAS Fabrics Superstore look forward to creating a lasting relationship with each of our customers and this blog is one way we can communicate with our clientele and exchange tips, knowledge and ideas. We are also working on being more involved with the community in general so please feel free to post information about local businesses, events, sewing & craft classes and super bargains.

So come on in to SAS Fabrics Superstore and check out our amazing deals on fabrics for upholstery, drapery, apparel, costumes and more. We have a bridal section filled with sequins, lace, satins, notions and such. We have a good selection of tiaras, rings, hair accessories, flowers, belts and other bling-bling. We also carry peacock feathers and belly dancer’s belts.

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